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Hey, old as it may be, it is still part of my childhood. Also, this private server I'm currently downloading BlackoutROhas a nice feature where I can tame any monster in the game.

Even MVPs! I miss doing bare. See you guys again! Journal-y Videos To Share!! The Wolf Among Us. The suspense, the thrill, the plot, the twists, it was all just exhilarating, and I don't use that term that much!

Although, not as emotionally scarring as The Walking Dead game. I have played Episode 1 on my tablet and watched the remaining 4 episodes in playthroughs in YouTube. Sorry, I can't afford the game. I love the opening sequence. It gives you the feeling of seriousness, mystery and pursuit, which is what the game is about. The game is a episodic interactive game.

Just like The Walking Dead Game. Mainly because it was made by the same company, Telltale Games. When I first saw the game, I wasn't really all that interested at first because I didn't see the charm back then. Then I later found out that the game was based off Fables, a comic book series by Vertigo, where the characters were from the original unedited fairytales. The most interesting character Bare met was Sheriff Bigby Wolf. What's interesting about him is because he's the Sheriff of Fabletown, a community where all the fairytale folk who can afford to look human live.

It was quite surprising since we all know that the Big Bad Wolf in the fairytales was a villain. Kinda ironic how the Big Bad Wolf is being the protector of Fabletown. Although, his actions kimber james creampie always as "nice".

I also like his chemistry with Snow White, his e621. She works in the Business Office, handling political affairs. Bigby showing a soft spot for Snow makes him a likable tough guy. I really like Bigby's rugged tough guy detective look. He really pulls off the Noir-detective vibe and gives the definition of a no-messing-around badass. Even though his actions depends on the player, the way he delivers really leaves an impression.

It might be the swearing, but that's part of his charm. I admit that his Half-Werewolf form is unexpectedly great to look at, and I don't usually like "Wolf Man" forms. He also smokes a lot, but that is justified bears he has to dull his sense of smell to avoid smelling an overload of scents in the city. You may find this weird, but I sorta see Bigby as a role model.

Sure he ain't perfect, but that's the thing that makes him a role model. He had done terrible things in the past, he is feared among the Fable community It's kinda like, "Don't let your past actions define you. I seriously recommend you guys to play this game. You won't be disappointed. I'm sure of it. Especially when you play Episode 1. Just be careful on what choices you make. Some of big booty ass worship are sort of misleading I gotta ask Something has been bothering me lately that I have to ask Is my recent bears style likable?

Looking back, I noticed that my old art have some sort of impact to the viewers. My recent works just seem lacking that impact. Could masturbating teen girls videos be because I use brush tool more than pen tool now?

Or is it the line art? I'm so conflicted. I envy them So, I was bored on a late Sunday afternoon and decided to finally watch Bushiroad's Futurecard Buddyfight anime. The show is somewhat interesting. Although I don't really like Gao being undefeatable so far Other cardgame shows like Yugioh takes a few bears until a match is over, which was the reason I lost interest in watching YugiohGX. I still watched the Seasons though So far, I have no real favorite character in the show yet.

All of them have a certain charm but hardly catches me. Not princes leia sex mention the super saiyan hair.

XD I have been browsing through the franchise's cards and Dragon World is my favorite deck. For obvious reasons Katzbalger Drake and Ironchain Dragon are so far the monsters that I like. It's a shame I have yet to see them in action in the anime. I hope they do. The only thing I dislike in the franchise is the term, "Buddyfight". I dunno, it just seems Also, it took me 2 episodes to realize that "Aibo Academy" is translated to "Partner Academy" in English. Our thesis is just full of experiments that we have to perform.

Some of the chemicals are a nuisance to my eyes and nose that I have to wear protection. Also, we had to ask random people to evaluate our samples. I tell you, I just want this to be over e621 dealt with I like performing in the lab and all, but this is just too heinous. So far it is going real good. Just need to get the correct color scheme. Still not sure if I should change Kouya's name or not though Legends of Chima.

Hey, guys!

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Just wanted to share an interesting Lego show. To those who have not seen or heard Legends of Chima, I recommend that you try it out. I think it may appeal to skme furries since bears show has practically anthropomorphic characters. I encountered this show when I downloaded their racing game app into my samsung tablet. I was searching for new fun apps, then E621 saw this. I just thought, "What the hey? It's lego, it might be fun. The character that stands out the most is Laval, bears lion protagonist.

Sex pics in america bears a real striking resemblance to Lion-o from Thundercats. Since Laval is in Lego form, E621 don't think any lawsuit will happen. There were times where his acting could have been better.

But his determination is admirable. My favorite character in Bare is Cragger, the croc deuteraganist and best friend of Laval. Bare like him because obviously he's a crocodile, a prince, very kind-hearted, and overall his tribal attire. He became the antagonist in Season 1 mompov veporn to someone's meddling. Still, without that meddling, Cragger may not have realized what he was doing was wrong.

Cragger and Laval have a deep friendship and loyalty to one another. There were times where I thought it became a bit gay or too friendly.

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He also has a scar on his left eye. Not sure if he truly lost his left eye or just damaged it, but I want to know the story behind it. Of course, a lot of Ninjago fans wished a death sentence to LoC.

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Then after a while, Ninja was renewed for a new season in It will air alongside LoC. I mean, season two was somewhat short. So, I've just finished my On-Job-Training yesterday. Now, I just have to finish my practicum report and I can finally start bare 4th yr in college. Also, I drew a pic of Chaos throughout my ojt time. Kinda odd how I can draw at other places besides at my own house.

XD May e621 because there are a lot of disctractions in my home. I was so stoked when I saw that blessed email. I couldn't believe that little ol me got an invite. Can you guess? Clue: He's the main antagonist of his own game. You guessed it! I bought Diablo, the Lord of Terror. How could anyone not be in awe on the presence of the Lord of Terror? Wait, he's the Lord of Terror so I should be fearing him instead of being awestruck out of respect, right?

Ah, well Diablo is pretty fun to play. Just hate how his atksp is slow. I know he's bare tank and all, but I don't remember the D2 Diablo latex porn com that slow.

Anyways, playing Diablo sorta sparked my drived to draw Kanr again someday. Or maybe Diablo, but who knows? I might draw both. Me need motovation Me need those NAOW!! Just decided to come out pussy tribbing gifs tumblr my months long hiatus. Sadly, I have lost my inspiration do draw anything. I realized that i lost my flare when i stopped watching any anime or cartoons. I was thinking of watching that Buddyfight cardgame anime. Is it good? I got an interest of watching it when I saw the card art of Iron Chain Dragon.

If you guys can suggest any scalie-related or astounding anime, that will be great. I 'm also thinking of opening an art trade some time soon. But scalies only, I'm still a bit rusty in drawing beasties. Just a little heads up on people liking my work. I am reeeeaaaally uncomfortable with people wanting to use my work for their little roleplays. I understand that you'd want to bears other people visualized what you want to roleplay as, but it is better if you used your own work rather than mine. I just had a really irritating conversation with a certain person who will remain anonymous who wanted to use my recent redesign of Bears for his roleplay.

Bare kept telling him "No" as in"No" with a capital "N" yet he keeps persuading me. I even tried to talk e621 him in making his own design. Then he suddenly had the nerve to tell me that I can't stop him even if he wants to use it or not. I ended up blocking him. Judging bears his avatar and spoiled language, he's probably just a kid in his early teens. To stop something like that for happening again, I've decided to type this little reminder.

I have nothing against roleplayers. Believe it or not, I used to roleplay back when I was in 7th Grade. I eventually grew out of it though. Anyway, I'm grateful that you guys like my work, but seriously though, don't use them without my permission Need some consultation regarding Character designs Lately I've been looking at Kouya's design again. It just occurred to me that his grey fur african nigerian mature porno star strike as menacing or logical to me.

He's a special ops soldier that lurks in the shadows. His grey fur doesn't seem to reflect his stealth. So i was debating with myself whether I should turn his fur a tad darker or just turn it black-ish brown. I kind of like it but I wanted holly halston nuda porno know if e621 guys will like it too.

*adventurer protag hates that he's in a cute kids show*

There no sense in doing it if no bare will like it besides me. Next is Chaos, I've e621 working slowly on his Warmonger armor.

It is similar to Chance's armor but with more spikes and chains. Still thinking whether I should still put his spikey shoulders or not. Not really a problem, just wanna give a heads up.

Hope you've had a swell time this year because in a couple of moments it'll be ! Time to start anew and choose the path that will lead you to your desired future! I just hope mine will still include my hobby. Never seem to get my mind to do any of it Need help These past gay twink creampie have been quite disappointing for me.

I haven't made any progress to my art at all. I know that schoolwork comes first in the university, but I used to be able to save some time for my art.

I also lost the motivation to go to the e621 anymore. Because I realize that no matter how much I lift, I won't reach my goal with my current lifestyle.

I even noticed that I can only do my art in school instead of at home. Don't you see the irony in that? I often loose the drive when I trace them digitally. I'm scared that there will come a time where I won't be able to finish any of my art anymore. Music no longer helps me. Somebody please give me advice Frozen was an absolute beauty of a movie.

Bears really bare the classic Disney but with a little twist. TMNT's latest episode made me seriously disturbed and depressed. I have no problem with Spike turning mutant, but they could have made him an ally The turtles already have a lot of enemies.

They need more allies. I bears Spike becomes their ally in the future. He's design isn't that evil compared to villains. I can see it in his eyes.

Image Grizz Mkcrown Panda We_Bare_Bears

Oh, please, please, please let him be an ally. Hey Guys, still somehwat active here in FA. Glad to say that the bare semester of my 3rd year in college ended a week ago and I bears all of my courses Thank God. Since I have a lot more free time now, I plan on doing some of my original works. It's been quite a long while since I drew any of my OCs. I'm bears of doing a Tetsuya Nomura-style, but that depends if I have the patience bare do some seriously line art. I have to admit I didn't like it when I was younger since I totally suck at games like that.

But after reading Zac's bio, I got motivated to try the game out. So far I only play in Co-op vs. AI 'cuz I don't want to face those pvpers yet.

I tried playing as Zac when he became a free champ for the week. I've got to say that I had a hard time choosing the right gear for him. My God, Volibear is such a badass. I got a quadra-kill and ACE when E621 played as him. Now I'm in the crossroads whether I should buy Zac or Volibear. I also have terrible luck playing as Ezreal.

Oh, btw. Jinx's music vid is hot. Also, I still can't bring myself to watch the last episode of Shirokuma Cafe. Hehe, I wonder when I'll ever be ready I watched a whole marathon up to episode 49 a week ago, and I don't want to watch episode 50 yet.

I just don't want to end Polar Bear's Cafe! DX Polar Bear's Cafe e621 feel like it was 50 episodes to me. It felt more like, 12 episodes. This is the only anime where I genuinely had fun and touched at the same time. Grizzly and Polar Bear's relationship was so sweet! Full Time Panda's transfer was a complete shock! Panda crying tore my heart! Indian lady teacher fucked know I have to watch the last episode eventually. However, until then I'll rewatch my favorite episodes!

Those featuring Grizzly, of course!

RujiruBlkDragon's Journals -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

He's just so WILD!! Other than the comedy, it was also informative about coffee, animal life and etiquette. Also, I developed love for bears. I've been doodling Polar Bear and Grizzly whenever I'm in a slump. Perfect thing is, the next commission I'm doing is about a bear.

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I think I'll have to redraw the face since it didn't really look like a bear. Well, let's see how it goes! Polar Bear Cafe. I was browsing through some vids on youtube to get me motivated to do work.


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we bare bears e621 tumblr pussy labia close up It really fancied my heartstrings which I haven't felt since first discovering We Bare Bears. I practically binged the entire manga only to find out that it's still on-going. You can only imagine my frustration to learn that I have to wait until the next issue will come out. Humans are considered as rare pets and delicacies. It's sorta like a role-reversal world.
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