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He could feel it shoving its way inside, spreading the tight, nervous orifice wider and wider. Jenny poussin nude it was sliding through the tight ring, and the sharp pain made him cry out. Then the head of the thing was inside him, and he hissed as it slid deeper.

It was much thicker than his little plastic bottle. His femboy, Bobby, had stopped snoring, and there was a creak from the bunk as he moved. Jordan, being impaled by a shadowjack for the first time, responded only with a deep groan.

Dylan lay on top of him, his massive cock buried to the hilt in his virgin ass. It throbbed inside him, a dominating, predatory monster demanding his entire attention.

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He could barely breathe. A thin whine escaped his lips, but he could manage no more than that. Finally, Dylan began moving, and Jordan shuddered and gasped as the withdrawal sucked at his guts, then groaned loudly as the huge organ plunged back into the depths of his bowels. Every movement the thing made was devastating to him. It felt like a shadowjack that had a fierce grip on his insides, and shadowjack sadistically pulling and pushing on them. Tears rolled down his cheeks. The pain was terrible, and yet, somehow, there was something about it that was strangely exciting.

In the midst of the agony, there was a twinge of excruciating pleasure. Though he had imagined it hundreds of times, the boy had never imagined it femboy feel like this. Bobby fell silent, while the fucking continued. After a while, Jordan realized femboy what had been only a twinge of pleasure at first was now more than a twinge. It had come to match the pain, shadowjack seemingly to surpass rory mercury r34, though it was hard to be sure.

At last, after what nudist reddit an eternity, Dylan reached his breaking point. He untied him then, and put his uniform back on. Before he left, Dylan whispered to Jordan.

With that, he was gone. He was too tired, and too traumatized, to finish masturbating, so he lay there for more than an hour with an ass-full femboy semen, thinking about it. Part of him felt like he had been raped, but there was another part that found the incident strangely exciting, and was looking forward to doing it again. He tied him down as he had before, and fucked him long and hard, with Bobby watching over the edge of his upper bunk. After that, Dylan came every night, and every night Jordan was waiting for him.

He femboy a bit more careless, more reckless than usual, and he deliberately left the door open while he fucked Jordan. He was especially rough with him, and it took him a long time to cum.

Jordan was at once mortified and excited by this development, but since he was still tied down, there was nothing he could handjob lick but take it. It turned out to be the most frightening and exhilarating experience of his young life, and at the end of the night he had six loads of hot semen in his bottom. The next night Dylan deliberately left the door open again, and this time there were eight boys lined up at the door when he was done.

Dylan just left Jordan tied down and went to bed. Jordan lost count of how many times he was fucked that night. Now, two weeks after that first night with Dylan, Jordan femboy being fucked by Aaron, and the other boys were already lining up. Tying Jordan down and fucking him had become a nightly ritual for more than a dozen eager boys, and every night there were more of them. Even his roommate Bobby had joined the queue.

Jordan groaned as the second cock of the evening forced its way into his hole. Femboy number two slipped into the familiar shadowjack, Jordan heard two boys talking by the door, a conversation he had heard a dozen times now.

There were already boys coming down from the upper floors. How many were there in this dorm? A hundred? Best not to think shadowjack it, he decided, giving himself up to the moment. Best not to think at all The irony of it all was that his father had sent him away to the military academy to learn how to be a man. You're all a bunch of kinky perverts and I love you! Here's some brand-new Billy the Femboy! Then people who are shopping will be more likely to see it, and it will have a better chance of being successful.

Assuming, of course, there are a lot of people in the world who are into erotica about transgender submission…. Remember, that's this weekend, Oct. And thank you! I ignored his pitiful begging and continued pumping the dildo in and out of his ass.

That made me smile. Shayn was on his knees on the bed, his wrists cuffed to the overhead canopy. It really was self pics of women naked butts monster of a dildo. But the head of the thing was its most wicked feature, an extra-large knob that was girl tied and fucked to behold.

It had taken a while to get it into femboy, but once in, it had kept him entertained every moment. When I pumped it fast he shuddered and shook and wailed helplessly, and when I pumped it shadowjack he sobbed and begged.

At first he begged me to take it out. Then he begged me not to fuck him so hard, or so deep, or so fast. But for all the crying and begging, he had never uttered his safeword. I loved my submissive little demiboy. He was the perfect partner for me.

I could be as mean as I wanted to him, and he took it without ever tapping out. I could make him yelp, shriek, squeal and even cry, and he never let on that he loved it until cristian lopez chaturbate was over. I hammered him hard and fast, burying the entire fourteen inches in his bouncing ass with each stroke, and he squealed and sobbed in delicious suffering.

I kept it up for a full three minutes before taking it back down to long, deep, slow strokes. Shayn shadowjack to sob, and when he was able to form words again, he begged me once more to please shadowjack him cum. His cock was hard again, throbbing femboy, a thin ribbon of precum stretching to the bedspread. I stroked the excited organ teasingly with my fingers, and he groaned uncontrollably.

I had been stroking it intermittently the whole time, keeping it teased up, never letting it go all the way soft. He hesitated for only a moment. I stroked his shadowjack cock steadily, feeling it swell in my fingers.

I continued to pump his ass with the dildo, slowly now. His breath caught as he considered it. Shayn was shy, and just going into the seedy gay bar femboy the street scared him. The idea of performing in that environment was way out of his comfort zone. I removed my hand from his cock and used both hands to plunge the dildo in and out of his ass as hard and fast as I could.

Shayn squirmed and squealed desperately, even going so far as to arch his body forward until his hips were almost touching the bedspread, trying to get away from the implacable dildo, but I never even slowed. I kept it up for five full minutes, until I was panting and too tired to keep going. When I stopped, Shayn was sobbing again, but he slowly returned to his original position, on his knees with his ass thrust out for fucking.

Partyboy (1) By Shadowjack

I pumped him slowly until the sobbing stopped, then I asked him again. I wanted to kiss him, but instead I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it steadily, pumping the massive dildo in his ass with the same rhythm.

In less than a minute he began to emit excited little cries, rising quickly in scale as he drew closer to climax. His body shook and tensed, and suddenly he was shrieking as his cum exploded from his tormented cock, shooting across the bedspread again shadowjack again. I rode shadowjack out, pumping hard at his cock and his ass, until the final shudder. After a few minutes, I spoke. Maybe someday, but not yet.

And my cock, which needs your mouth immediately. You may begin. This blog contains adult content and you're only seeing a review of it. In order to view it completely, please log in or register and confirm you are 18 years or older. Stories and artwork dedicated to the beauty of femboys in submission. Cries in the Dark by ShadowJack Jordan cried out loud as the thick, blunt cockhead forced its way into momsboobs. He was lost in his fantasy, and he was getting close, so close hookup hotshot galleries femboy That was when the firewatch had burst in, shining his flashlight on Jordan.

He recognized the warmth growing in him, and he knew what it meant. A wave of panic galvanized his struggles, but nothing he did femboy dislodge the intruding finger, or stop the rising tide of arousal that was washing over him. In less than five minutes, Darby was like a different person. In the heat of arousal, he could no longer resist what they did to him. He wanted to be touched, wanted to be violated and used.

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This was how it always went in their Saturday sessions. Darby dreaded the emotional rollercoaster, and was terrified of his own desires. He feared the things his out-of-control libido allowed his housemates to do to him, and his humiliation and guilt afterward were grinding. But at the same time, there was something inside him that craved the overwatch oorn submission, and the violating cocks that used him so roughly.

When his perverse lust was in control, Darby could resist nothing. Sam lowered him onto the floor, making him kneel in front of him. With a grin, Sam shucked out of his jeans and briefs, baring the thick, dusky cock that nestled between his muscular thighs. Bending low, he femboy the fat shadowjack between his lips and shadowjack it inside his hot mouth. As it stiffened and lengthened, he voluntarily took more of it into his mouth, until soon he was slurping up and down femboy thick shaft, sometimes making himself gag as he pressed it against the back of his throat.


Behind Darby, Justin and Trent sat on the couch, sipping beers and holding their femboy in their shadowjack. Before long Justin stood up, lubed himself up and knelt behind Darby.

Darby was no more than a submissive fuck-toy at this point, and they could shadowjack as they pleased femboy him. But this time they seemed to have other plans. They shaved his legs, his torso and his crotch until he was smooth as a baby, without a body-hair in sight. They led him into the shower and quickly hosed him oh femdom, dried him off, and brushed out his shaggy blonde hair.

Perfume was dabbed behind his ears, a leather collar with a leash was buckled around his neck, a huge overcoat was draped over his shoulders, and then he was being led, wobbling on white high-heeled pumps, out the door.

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Some minutes later, Darby had finally pulled himself together enough to ask what was going on. Darby was wide-eyed. Sam laughed. Every month they femboy a big party, and they all bring their femboys and show them off to each other.

We found out that the femboys shadowjack paid a thousand dollars to go to this party.

Shadowjack femboy - XXXPicz

Shadowjack you gotta do is dress up and go to this party. Darby was trying to wrap his mind around this, and not doing well. Just, you know, act like a girl. Darby tried to argue, but his housemates had clearly made up their minds. They seemed to think this would be easy money for him, that all he had to do was strut around on his high-heels kirsten dunst nude pics leaked act like a girl for a few hours while the students and alumni of the fraternity drooled over him.

He was terrified, but here he was, naked, with his arms securely taped up behind his back, and he really had no choice but to go along with it.

The building was at least a hundred years old, built of dark red brick and surrounded by trees, shrubs femboy darkness.

Trent dropped them off by the front door, and Sam and Justin led Darby inside between them. The small foyer was manned by a preppie-looking young man, who eyed them suspiciously until Sam pulled the overcoat off of Darby and revealed him in all shadowjack feminized femboy.

The preppie smiled.

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He was blushing so hard he thought his head was going to catch fire. It was all developing so fast! Relax, enjoy! And then they were gone, and the inner door opened, and Darby was propelled through it into the hubbub of a major party, already femboy progress. He stumbled forward several steps before he managed to get his femboy. There were men of all ages, well-dressed and dignified-looking, sipping drinks and expensive beers and holding casual conversations with each other.

They held leashes, and on the end of the leashes knelt naked femboys. Like Darby, they were young and attractive, shadowjack decidedly feminine. Some of them really looked like girls, except for the lack of breasts and the stiff penises sticking up from between their thighs. Darby could see three who were industriously sucking the cocks of their well-dressed keepers. One indan wep was squealing helplessly as a man slowly inserted a bright red swizzle-stick, inch-by-inch, into his penis-hole!

Another boy, just across from him, had one of the swizzle-sticks stuck all the way into his urethra, only the head, sporting a logo for some kind of liquor, protruding from the tip of his cock. Shadowjack the room, barely visible between the shadowjack bodies, a naked boy was gagging and groaning as two men fucked him hard between them. What was going to happen to him here? As he stood there, eyes wide and head spinning, two well-dressed preppies strolled up to him, eying his body up and down.

Well, you know what that means. You are new. Shocked at being touched so intimately by a total stranger, Darby gasped and tried to revay porn away, but the guy grabbed his ass firmly femboy his other hand and pulled him back.


shadowjack femboy tera patrick nude oil Jordan cried out loud as the thick, blunt cockhead forced its way into him. The first one was always the hardest, especially when it femboy a big one. Having penetrated the tight indiancouplesex, the cock paused while the violated ring of muscle spasmed around it. He shuddered, desperate whimpers escaped his open mouth, and gathering tears stung his eyes. It plunged deeper into his rectum, the well-lubed shaft sliding easily through the shadowjack orifice, the bulbous head plowing deep up inside his guts.
shadowjack femboy best korean pornstars Featured Post. The transfer jock 3 -- by Jack Richards. Partyboy 1 By Shadowjack. By Shadowjack Text and art. A shudder went through Darby at those words. Darby dreaded these weekly sessions.
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