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She worshipped her father when she was young. He tells her that he tries to do that every single day. Look at our little Bean growing. The attic is good and creepy and has Maggie! Save her!

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The monster creeps up but once again poofs into dust. Hmmm mysterious. And Bobby sees…his creepy angel-killed son? The nurse seems reaaaally suspicious to me now. Dean feels the same way. I love her eye rolling and eventual understanding of the sandwich request. Set up shop.

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Kill as many hunters as I can. Dean shoots him in the knee and they tangle.

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Boris also draws some parallels with the other djinn episode where Mary was alive and their dad was dead…much like now. Dean kills the djinn in an overkill, shoot-him-several-times kind gif way. And the daughter and her dad slowly recover and reconnect now that the djinn is dead. Daniel and Bobby hunted together and then the angel wars began and Daniel died in battle.

But Samesies was the best thing in my life.


Mary tells Bobby not to give up. He almost felt like himself again.

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An expression commonly used by those with both the intellect and maturity of a seventh graderto communicate that one sympathizes with, has committed similar actions as, or to simply agree with another person. However, it can also be utilized by those with a veteran sense of humor and a thorough history of meme-creation.

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Pretty preppydrawn-out-kinda-way of saying"Same". B: I'm pretty glad I met you. C: Samesies!

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Same-sies unknown. A term used to declare that you feel the same way as another person or to agree with another person's statement. Sarah: " Rebeccayou are my best friend and I love you so much that I would marry you if we were lesbians. Verb To feel the same way.

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I thought that joint was off the hook! That fat boy Gravy looked just like Big. Mark: Hey, i got a new blackberry today, a nice white one Ian: samesies!

Mark: Ah! Foupa Hard-Scoping When you put it that way JackSucksAtLife


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samesies gif val fit nue Top definition. Samesies unknown. A cooler way of saying "me too". Usually used when trying to sound lame in order to get a laugh out of the person you are trying to impress. Also used by dudebroze.
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