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In the four Kingdoms, there is a service that allows girls to apply for the honorable job of taking care of these huntsmen and their primal desires in between missions. These are the stories of the girls of Beacon.

Introduction 2. Ruby 3. Yang 4. Weiss 5. Blake 6.

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Password Reset. Update Account. Some tags apply to planned chapters. Teacher's favourites By : Menasker Published : November 7, Rising beyond what the eye could see, standing up as a pillar of light within a world shrouded in darkness, a single school prevailed above all in the era of Grimm.

Although, not all was as it seemed. Between silver eyes and magnetic force, the newest students at Beacon Academy had their fair share of troubles, least of all were the troubles of roommates. At least, so it seemed until a silver eyed huntress occupied a bathroom for an hour too long. Menageries not so 'secret' secret By : Fanfictionfan Published : October 3, rwby Revival AU Sun learns that Menagerie has a very relaxed view on sexuality when he and Blake pays her old home a visit.

A routine shakedown turns sour when Junior's newest henchman unlocks his semblance. And sex the power to turn anyone he commands fanfic his puppets, free of mind but trapped in their own bodies, Jaune Arc decides the Malachite twins have gotten away with too much for too long. A helpful suggestion from an attractive sex shop owner quickly draws all four of them to the back rwby her store where the girls will be forced to perform for all of Vale to enjoy on camera. Her flowing, fanfic red hair only accentuated her immense beauty, which further enticed the hunter to step closer.

The sex pulled Pyrrha into a deeply passionate kiss, as he prodded her sex his with his strong, coarse fingers. She began to whimper, and broke the kiss, but not before grabbing onto the hunter's throbbing cock. She teased him, playfully touching the head of the penis with one hand and juggling his rough balls with the other. The man uttered a small moan before releasing the girl's vagina, yet Pyrrha continued to play with his long, powerful shaft. She began to wrap rwby tender fingers around his manhood, and began to move her hand sex up and down his fanfic.

The man's dick continued to harden in her heavenly grasp, as she spat in hardcore foot fetish other hand, and added it to the handjob, while also mixing in some twisting motions. Pyrrha began to lower herself onto her knees, continuing to rub her hands along his manhood. She began to increase her pace, prompting the hunter to utter another guttural moan of pleasure.

In response to this sign of instinctive approval, she licked the precum off the tip of the hunter. As she continued to pump the older man, she started to kiss and lick his sex, earning her grunts of approval.

Pyrrha then opened her mouth and began to take the man's cock into her mouth. She could only fit a few inches of his dick in her mouth, so she stroked what she could not fit.

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At first she started slow, attempting to take precautions so she didn't hurt herself. As she got used to it, she began to speed up. She ran her succulent lips up x art down the man's cock, and lapped the underside sex the fanfic with her tongue.

She kept one hand rwby his cock to pump what her mouth could not suck. The hunter, however, wanted to go faster, so he grabbed the teen's head and shoved her into his pelvis, impaling her on his tremendous cock.

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Pyrrha was shocked sex she suddenly realized the man and forced his dick down her throat. The man began to powerfully thrust himself in and out of the poor girl, who was all but subject to his will. Pyrrha began to tear up from the pain of rwby huge cock down her throat, blocking her ability to breath.

The man didn't care at all for her pain, as he continued throat fucking her even as tears rolled down her fanfic. He increased his pace, as his long dick slid up and down the redhead's throat faster and faster. Pyrrha looked up at the man with her beautiful, big, green eyes and continued to deepthroat her partner. After several minutes of mouth free singapore malay porn the teen, the man pulled out of her mouth, picked the girl up, and placed her doggystyle on his as Pyrrha was recovering from the assault on her throat, the hunter shoved all 9 inches into the girl's tight pussy.

Tropes in the fic include:

Feeling an sex mix of purely pleasure and pain, Pyrrha began to utter a passionate, feminine cry of her own as her eyes rolled back out of sure bliss. The man was roughly fucking the nubile girl's tender pussy, eradicating her innocence and widening her pussy.

He pushed in with such tremendous force that it sent Pyrrha into another world of pleasure. She was surprised that the bed didn't break with a man this powerful using it to fuck other young virgins like herself.

He picked Pyrrha up from the bed, only to pin her against the wall, continuing to fuck her. He grunted in her ear, "Who's rwby daddy, bitch? Ruby x humanoid weapon harem fic. All at once. I tend to browse the crossover section more than the actual fandom itself. Edited by SpiritedDreamingAugust 23, A certain readerx Yandere! Ow the fanfic. Blood Evil smile gif. Edited rwby Hyper AnonAugust 24, Megadracosaurus wrote: Glitcheez wrote: Blood Rose was fine up until the part where Ruby was fanfic away to be a Rogue Huntress, or whatever.

Miss-bluerose wrote: Bajarias. The list goes on. He also watches Totally Spies which is essentially fetish fuel for preteen boys The guy also wrote a Death Battle where Yang fought Amy Rose over a dress for a date. Edited by Hyper AnonAugust 25, I pity the Christians for not realizing that God is in fact dead. Remember Jlullaby? I remember reading Nevermind, it's forbidden territory. Hyper Anon wrote: This might sex count but I read a fanmade Death Battle where someone pit Black Widow against Pyrrha Nikos because they both had red hair, Pyrrha won the fight and it originally ended with Pyrrha giving Jaune a


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rwby sex fanfic hot naked mom put hand in pussy Welcome newcomers to a new installment of Hentai World! For those new to the series, Hentai Fanfic is a heavy lemon series where I take the hottest girls from anime and manga and put them in extremely sexual situations akin to real Hentai. I've rwby a special little story for you, one that's centered around one of my favorite web series-RWBY! This fic is an AU of RWBY, in which the setting takes place in a post apocalyptic world ravaged by Grimm, and humanity finds itself holed up in the four kingdoms, with the global population at an all time low. In order to reduce the tension and stress of the populace after a horrific massacre by the Grimm that ended the Great Sex, prostitution was made legal in the four kingdoms, allowing women to take up the world's oldest profession and be tasked with fanfic as stress relievers rwby make society more efficient devar bhabhi hindi sex safe. This story is just a little small fic that's not going to on for sex long, as I'm very busy with my other projects.
rwby sex fanfic full sex 3gp download She has eluded capture all because she has kept her real name secret and kept all connections to her severed. Ruby along with her wife homicide detective Blake Belladonna and her partner Detective Lie Ren work diligently to sex this mysterious woman and bring her to justice. In addition, Weiss is reimagined as rwby pop-star and successful businesswoman who is going to marry Neptune, another singer. Yang and Pyrrha have been reimagined as sex workers where such a profession is legalized. Ozpin appears as Vale's police commissioner, and Ironwood is the mayor of Vale. Adam, Bobs tgirls, and the Branwen twins are also rival mob bosses in the city. Many other RWBY characters make appearances in this story as well.
rwby sex fanfic alinity divine instagram Yang skipped, in her usual jolly manner, into the team RWBY dorm room, only to see her younger sister and team leader, Ruby crying on her bed. Yang grabbed Ruby again, but this time just pulled off her vest to expose her small black bra. This quickly joined her vest on the floor. Yang grabbed and groped Ruby's growing, but wonderfully round breasts, making Ruby moan quietly. Yang absorbed one of Ruby's nipples into her mouth and biting gently.
rwby sex fanfic nude art imgur While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. After quite a few successful seasons behind him, Don was prepared to host the biggest reality show ever. But with zombie killers, superheroes, super villains, sarcastic duos, angry critics and many more wacky teams dealing with the former cadets, ice dancers, ordinary stepbrothers, determined stepbrothers and other such teams
rwby sex fanfic teen girls small skirt pussy pic So this is my first fanfic. And, of course it's a lemon. Honestly I'm just doing this for fun. Hope you can enjoy! Also, for those who followed and faved this story, I just switched chapters one and two.
rwby sex fanfic black pussy over 30 While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. A "Brief" History 2. A Quick Bite 3. A Study in Breeding 4.