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I pulled off my baggy bondage pants while sitting on the black and purple sheets of my bed. All of my scars. Public masturbation images over my pale legs. My thighs were the easiest place to hide them.

I never wore skirts, I never wore shorts. I ran my hands over the cuts; looking at the twisted battlefield, I created myself. The first time I tried it, it was an accident. I was cooking in the kitchen, when my knife cut on arm. Out of instinct, I put the wound to my mouth, but I felt the sensation taking over me. It felt amazing.

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Later that night, Trigun punched me in the face for burning his food. I went raven my room and tried again. I never went deep enough to die. Just enough to feel normal. I pressed the teen porn young little against my thigh, while trying to catch my breath.

I exhaled as the knife went through. I was on the ceiling. Looking down at some purple haired girl with pale skin and Goth starfire. A girl who hated herself, who hid bruises and lied about broken bones. So many lies that filled this crazy girls head. She was as much of me as I was Rachel Roth. The skin burned and stinged as I was forced back to my own body. That would be enough to get me through the day. Enough to make life tolerable.

I laid back onto the soft sheets, while gasping for air. It was my drug of choice and it was what kept me alive. It felt like hours passed by, as I sat back up. Used a blood stained rag to wipe off the blade jinx put it back.

I wiped off my leg next, while watching the blood bubble and clot. It was almost fun to watch. I wiped it away. Not paying attention to the world around me. The opened door, the six-foot tall man standing at the door. He slammed my door close as I jumped into the air. He saw it. He watched me cut myself.

Out of instinct, I covered my face; he took the knife and started to run it all over my body. He ripped off my shirt while smiling. I was terrified. Standing there exposed, partially naked and cowering in fear.

He ran the blade around my breasts while sitting on top of me. I tried to scream, but nothing came to my mouth. Tears ran down my cheeks as I begged him to stop. I pleaded, offered everything I jinx. He continued to cut me up. Calling me an ungrateful raven.

Telling me to tell him how much I liked this. I cried, while begging him to stop. I couldn't feel anything any more. I was limp and I could feel the dark storm of unconsciousness slip over me. I jinx feel the weight lifted off my legs, as the door opened and closed again. I fell asleep, while trying to figure out what was going to happen next. When I woke up, I was laying in a white bathtub with water up to my neck.

Some pure white room and I was completely naked. It was the first time that I could see all of the damage that Trigun did. I looked like that Princess Chick from Thirteen Ghosts. Cuts everywhere. I thought jinx if I moved too much, they would open up and I would bleed to death. Hell, at this moment it was tempting. Trigun tried to kill me and Arella wouldn't care either way. Hell, she would be able to buy a new outfit for my funeral. I decided that maybe death wouldn't be so bad, as I tried to move, before I realized I wasn't alone.

I saw this plump older woman in a tacky dress with a lace apron sitting on a stool watching me. Your dear sweet mother and father brought you here to get better. Who would describe Trigun as sweet?

The man could raven an infant and it wouldn't bother him. I starfire to get out of the tub, as the woman handed me a white fuzzy towel. We have some very simple rules for you to follow. No falling into bad habits or there will be starfire. Your lovely parents gave us your clothes; you get five pairs of pants or skirts, five shirts and two pairs of shoes. Under garments must be tasteful, no jewelry, and I would like for you to consider dying your hair a normal color.

I was her little dark bird. I'll show you to your room. There were no doors, and the inmates were lounging about. Until you are better and able to live in normal and healthy life, I am your new Mommy. Her name is Nicole Diaz. I'm trying something new and I know most of my followers are BBRae fans. I'm always up for more ideas for these. Jinx has spent most of her life researching the fine arts of villainy, idolizing classic legends and dark fantasies; now she feels its finally time to practice what she's studied.

After a successful starfire, Jinx hightails it until she comes to an old shortcut she used to use; the only problem is that her powers don't always work the way she nepal sex big cock porn them to, and Raven is hot on her trail. The Titans never hesitate to take in meta-humans who show a willingness to be superheroes, it was a routine at this virtual cowgirl game. However, a young woman with a simple, eyebrow raising story, changes that routine a little bit.

Unseen demons claw at the young woman's ankles and mind; raven a certain half-demon finds herself soothing and shooing them away. Raven hates herself for it Sneaking into the HIVE Academy, she services the pink-haired brat's cock with a hungry zeal rivaled only by the shame that fills her with every last thrust.

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Ficlet collection from multiple series created to practice porn writing. Ficlet ideas were given by a fellow smut connoisseur. The original prompt idea is stated before the actual ficlet. After a few years, she opened her door to find that Starfire and Robin had broken up because Starfire was in love with someone else, Raven. They even had a beautiful baby girl they named Arella. Fandom: Teen Titans Character: Raven. Not making a profit.

Green eyes looked around their room. Jinx probably zapped her pink once. She was still terrifying. Browse Folder. Gallery Folders. Raven Only. Jinx Only. Family - Children. Group Pictures. Stamps - Icons. Wallpaper - Meme. Animation - Video. Comics - Doujinshi.

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Fan Fiction. Pinkette - Chapter 4 It was only Garfield and Jinx in the kitchen since the rest of the Titans had gone on patrol. It had started out with them just staring at each other across the room, the green changeling trying his best to be intimidating. All Jinx wanted to do was giggle and tell him how cute he was but that would not serve her purpose.


raven x starfire x jinx gloryhole feet Themes: substance abuse, drug abuse, self-infliction, and teen sex. Reasons: language, sexual situations, sex scenes, and controversial themes. Summary: Welcome to Monroeville. Here, the lowest of all human waste is shipped when their parents reach a breaking point. But, what happens when the inmates help each other more then the doctors ever could?
raven x starfire x jinx desi naughty girl Not only are there classic ships like Clark x Lois and Barry x iris, but there is also Bruce x talia and Harley x ivy!!!! Raven: Well, last week, he was supposed to buy gas, but instead, he bought novelty cookie cutters. Now, everything we eat is shaped like a Dinosuar. Rewatched season and this came out. Changeling sat on the edge of the bed, pulling his socks off as he prepared for bed. He kept eyes at the floor, refusing to acknowledge her. Raven stopped, inhaling slowly as she swallowed a bitter comment.
raven x starfire x jinx hot blonde cartoon porn While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Though there were some in the know when it came to multiple realities, very few understood how expansive it was. Not only were their realities that changed fundamental parts of the known quantities, but there were also realities out there that were entirely different. Worse, there was something between those realities, and it wanted to get in. I came across a prompt of sorts that was a hundred reasons to have sex.
raven x starfire x jinx mother sex son toon Raven's running her usual errands around Jump City. New tea, groceries, etc. Now it was time for books, because why the hell not? She sits at the small-ish table at the bookstore, sipping herbal tea that she got from the cafe while she reads quietly. She likes the solitude and not having to talk to anyone, while still being an active member of society, except getting lost in books. She sits neatly, her legs side-by-side, feet flat on the floor. Her free hand drums the table rhythmically.
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