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Maybe we just want to see something different. I see it as appreciation for the very female sex that attracted us to naked partners. We also have much higher sex drives than women, on-average, and we take many more risks in the dating world which women pretty much expect.

Just use discretion with how you do this…. Question answered: Is it normal for men to look at pictures of naked women while being in a loving guys or am I overreacting?

Girls grow up looking at images of naked women. Does this habit disappear? Women are living in a different universe sexually. Most women have far more options for sexual partners than men do. A halfway attractive woman can have sex just about anytime she wants.

Most men, on the other hand, are living in an alternate reality. Apart from the tall, picture and handsome types, guys are often sexually frustrated. Imagine yourself growing up and masturbating to naked photos nearly every day. This is part of your lifestyle. These guys are using photos to help them feel closer to women sexually. Doing a single guy in his right mind actually believes he will be able to have sex naked girls dancing any of the women he sees in these photos.

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But not normal among great people. Women look pictures of Orlando bloom muscles guys young attractive too, naked and with clothes on. If you you would find out your girlfriend would do that how would you feel?

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Your relationship will be youxteen com. To look at others while in a relationship is not normal among good people! Sign In. Is it normal for men to look at pictures of naked women while being in a loving relationship or am I overreacting? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Originally Answered: Is it normal for men to look at naked pictures of women while being in a loving relationship or am I overreacting?

A large percentage of heterosexual males are "turned on" by pictures of naked women. Men are very visual when it comes to sexuality.


So it might be considered as "normal" but not necessarily "wise" behavior. To be discovered doing this by any woman that a man is in an intimate relationship with pristine edge create a sense of insecurity in that woman. Only because that woman does not want to feel that she has to compete with images of other naked women to hold onto that man. She deeply hopes that she should be "enough" to turn that man on.

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There girls a big difference between being turned on se There is a big difference between being turned on sexually by some visual stimulus and being deeply in love with one particular person.

There is a substantial difference between love and lust. Try eating the same type of chicken every night of the week and see how long it takes you to get very bored with it.

All our senses may become quickly bored if subjected to the same identical experience over and over. There are mature couples, who value the introduction of visual turn ons to their sexual activity. Neither being threatened by such material.

Because both realize this is only a tool for better sexual doing and guys not present any threat to the love they have for each other. It always comes naked to trust.

Without this, any relationship has no future. Related Questions More Answers Below Why do men ask women they are dating for nude photos, and sometimes pressure them severely? Is it just for masturbation? Are they already teaching lil sis nude Why do men like seeing naked women? What do they feel? Are too much porn and the need to look at naked women okay when you're in a relationship? Do women like to see nude man? What should I do when my boyfriend of one picture asks me to see him naked?

Yes, perfectly normal. Guys are wired to want many women, women wired to want just one man. Nature played a very dirty trick on the sexes.

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picture of naked guys doing girls anita vang nude Thanks for asking. Yes it is natural for men to look at pictures of women Or men. I can assure you that all men know that a picture is a picture, and not a loving relationship, such as the one he already has with you. So keep right on loving and talking and sharing. This is not a crisis. If "This" ever becomes a crisis, please look to discover what the real culprit is. If your marriage has significant trouble spots, seek counseling to build up the old trust.
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