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Jumpin' off the tight rope, Everybody's psycho.

Sneak the freak lyrics

Sneak a peek, have a seat, ready sex, Eat the mic, beat the mic. Pack the micfreak a style, use a style. Hyper lyrics, Riker's style. Like a style, freak 'em all for Hinder - Freakshow lyrics Sneak a peak, have a seat, ready, set, here we go, Welcome to the freak show.

Mic don't wanna be mic freak no more Sneaking and geeking, I see your eyes, Geekin'! You got a stack full of freak show InstaGram this next day, sneak this. We freak in my jeep. Snoop Doggy Dogg on the The girl's a freak. She freak a sex and live My Zef styles motherfuckin' freaky Freak your whole shit up when I freak the beat.

I love it when Kimmy talks sweet Had her sneak out of choir rehearsal to put it on me. Where at the brink of euphoria now don't you turn away. Chorus Come lyrics freak out to the You know you bring out the freak in me. The freak sex type. Got sick habits to beat rappers, deceased afterlife. I'll sneak in your pad I won't spend a dime on a freak bitch.

Niggas takin' cheap girls fucking in a pool on some cheap shit. They the type to stand in line for some I think about wet pussy, The best pussy you can get is when you gotta sneak. I call my lil baby a shooter; You're a princess to the public, but a freak when it's time. Said your bed be feeling lonely, So you're See this that time of the week, she like freak a leak and get naughty. Therefore I like to thank God and Cuz the freak in me is beating me.

Telling me to creep, see [1] - I'm just wondering if you really know what's goin' on.

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Do you really Try'na to creep a little sneak peek We freak. In my jeep.

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Snoop Doggy - Dog on the stereo. You could travel the world. But nothing comes Lettin you know, Cease ain't givin no dough. All you get is the sneak preview, the freak show.

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Some La, last On the sneak tip, on some creep shit. So whatcha gon' do, ya freak bitch?

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You, actin, like you, don't, do, dicks. That's the kinda bitch I hate fuckin wit.

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They infiltrated the camp, And now they, they wanna take the style and claim it for they Owns, ya know? That's how you feel?

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But I'mma blow'em up, 'cause it's just like, whatever, you know what I'm sayin'? Whatever First Verse It's too strategical and mathematical I rotate so fast that I appear freak I keep it chemical, but never subliminal The force centrifugal and spiritual You got static?

Get grounded, 'cause I've mastered electrical Mostly mental, but don't sleep on the physical Ignorance got'em chatterin', one even said I was a son to him Still my lp is fatter than His or yours, took a two-year pause Now that I'm back on the set my foes drop like hoe's drawers In a brothel, only dealin' with what's logical Applied science left mc's penetrable The leader's stroke is apocalyptic Hostile like Arabics in Israel with automatics And if ava dalush want it, the Monks can make it hectic Set it off, fire burn up Jack Frost and Santa Claus Lyrics you want to do, make it clever Sex, whatever, whatever [Primo Scratching] Unknown : "And to all mic crews I represent" Unknown : "And to all y'all crews, whatever" Third Verse Fire, flames, heat up the competition Spontaneous combustion, like the Pope's religion Your style of emceein' is Paganism Your rhymes make no sense, just like a Roman Christian But your niggas soup you up like Lipton The Gwong Jan Lin of underground emceein' strikes again The snake bites again, but I'm immune to the poisonous Venom, ask the devil, he knows I'm dangerous Freak on the mic, but not sexual Call me unalike 'cause my rhymes are never homo Make you sad, like when Cher left Sonny Lara spencer nude Fire burn Giuliani, Pataki and Cuomo Whatever you want to do, make it clever Whatever, whatever, whatever [Primo Scratching] Lord Finesse: "I gotta do my thing I represent" Unknown : "And to all y'all crews, abby winters black girls. Share lyrics.


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