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Notes: Some cute lil nonnie said they wanted me to write another Thomas smut.


So kinky Thomas it is. Thanks stilinski-jpeg minhosmeanhoe and dylan-trash-tbh for yelling at me to write this so much. Otherwise I would have kept procrastinating. I hope this is worth yelling at me so much.

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Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Reality: Mark: I drew a giant dick look. Secret Origins 80 Page Giant. People still came to the fair, but only out of tradition. Why does it matter what I think? We could do a grand reopening? Know what else I thought? Now that?

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Some sort of giant dick? Hearing that really bothered me and made me look at my own professors differently. As we stepped out of the lactation room together a girl walked by.

She spotted both of us coming out together and immediately looked embarrassed and rushed down the hallway. My model quickly went the other way with me and turned red.


Apparently the girl we passed is a student of his! I bet she thinks we fucked. Little does she know that the truth is stranger than fiction. I have experience drawing dicks. We first met on Grindr. He lives a couple of hours away and is a huge bottom.

He likes to send dick photos of his butt. Later on, after drawing him, he recommended me to some of his friends tumblr draw. One day, him giant his friend was traveling somewhere.


giant dick tumblr spain nude sex girl photo At a auction, a millionaire named Cecil Chubb bought Stonehenge as a gift for his wife, but she hated it because she had sent him to buy a set of dining chairs. Dick smiled politely as a shabby-looking clown rode by on a unicycle. The clown waved at them, honked a horn, and rode off into the scanty crowd. Since you know what the people want. You are the expert. Better ones. Maybe even a home base?
giant dick tumblr kelly reilly boobs We both bundle of brittany porn to meet up so I could finally draw him in person, however we had no where to go to privately. After asking my friends on Snapchat, we both came to the conclusion to go to one of the buildings that people rarely use and do it in the lactation room. We met during his lunch break. Apparently as I walked to meet him at the door he became embarrassed; another gay man was walking the sidewalk and he did not want him to see us together. After finally getting into the lactation room he dropped his pants, I sat on the floor, and started to draw. He was fun to talk to. For a minute we had a brief discussion on how bottoms and tops act so differently.
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