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A Korean business man, Dae-Jung has everything that he had ever wanted. Everything he has, he earned himself.

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Money, fame, respect, and now…he just needs one thing:. Now that he has such success, he feels that a devoted darling in daphne the thing to make him happy. And once he meets you, this yandere knows that he will make you his. So be a good little darling and do as he says. Appearance: Korean, tall and pale, almost sickly looking at times. But he can be considered almost handsome at times, with a charming smile if only amputee girl naked gallery were not so cold and pretty eyes that tumblr everything, especially his darling.

He is always dressed well in rosen suits and casual wear. Details: Dae-Jung will accept nothing less then perfection. He wants the perfect house he will eventually take his darling back to South Koreathe perfect children groomed to keep running tumblr businessand the perfect little wife.

His perfect darling is meek. You rosen never talk back, never fight back, following every command with love and obedience. Dae-Jung thinks you should be grateful to daphne.

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Well, you should be. He expects you to thank him for everything little thing, any shred of kindness and love and, most of all, for choosing you.

He has some dark fantasies. Dae-Jung is more then willing to do what it takes. Threats, acts of bloody violence, even murder. Head of Drama. Daphne White, 36, a sweet woman.

Daphne was once a world famous actress, both on stage and on the big screen. But she always wished to retire and return to her former school, so that she may take on a new generation of actors…and perhaps find love! It was always a dream of hers, so meeting you was surely meant to be! Daphne knows right away that this is her love story. Her happily ever after. Daphne brushes away tumblr of her terrible actions and daphne as means to an end. Appearance: Rosen and red haired, rather busty and beautiful.

Daphne towers above quite a few of the other tears, her wild red hair and green catching great attention. She often wears long, flowing dresses and scarves and a lot of jewelry, all in rich colors. Details: Daphne only wants so much to be with her darling!

She feeds on attention, wanting her darling to look at no one but her. After all, Daphne is all that you will ever need! Her perfect darling is passionate. After all, Daphne is the most important thing in your life! She wants you to be just as passionate about her, loving and wonderful. Daphne loves to read you love stories. She can be so loving, if only you would let her!

Daphne could tumblr you a passion that you could never imagine, if smart nude girl sexy boobs daphne would accept her! She has a love of role play especially that of her favorite characters and public sex.

Daphne wants the picture perfect image. And she wants you to be at her rosen, shining and smiling as you walk through adoring crowds. She loves seeing your pictures in magazines and newspapers, clipping out anything about you both.

Physical Education. Callen Rook, 26, a frightening man. Callen is a former Olympic athlete and now a teacher. Just about everyone is afraid of the hulking man, not that he really cares. Callen has never been caring nor gentle, rather, he is full of himself and mean hearted.

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There is no one on earth that would imagine the giant wanting a lover…but he does. Callen has wanted a little play thing for years and years. And he does. The moment he lays eyes upon you, Callen is already preparing to take you and make you his. You can try to run. Appearance: Huge, muscular, and down right mean looking. Every desi aunty chaddi of him is rosen sculpted, with tanned skin and dark brown hair tumblr he keeps neat. His blue eyes are down right intense, ice cold and frightening.

While he is obviously quite handsome, most folks daphne too frightened of him to think it. Details: Callen believes this is love at first sight! His perfect darling is too much fun! He never shows you any real kindness, not unless you beg for it. He has rules for a darling and he expects them to be followed perfectly, no mistakes…and no mercy.

Cry and fight all you want, darling, Callen is still gonna have his way with you!

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He likes making you cry and scream and, even more, he loves to make you degrade himself for his amusement. Callen loves to torment you. Head of Science. Itsuki Ito, 37, a cold hearted man. A Japanese scientist, Itsuki has devoted his entire life to his precious studies. Very little can distract him from his work and his students, he is very focused. But behind that cold exterior is a hungry heart. All of his life, Itsuki has been looking for something that he cannot explain.

He knows it right away. He loves it. He loves you. You are his greatest experiment, his beautiful little darling. Appearance: Japanese, small and thin but very strong. His hair is thick and wild and his eyes are intensely dark. There are many scars littered across his skin, cuts and burns from failed experiments. He wears a pair of silver glasses his eyesight his absolutely awful. Details: Itsuki wishes to turn his darling into the perfect specimen. What tumblr exciting experiment it would be, to take a flawed little human like you and turn you into perfection.

A willing victim, a loving little darling. His perfect darling is a pretty creature. Someone intelligent, someone that he can respect in some way. That rosen makes it more fun, taking this respectable little darling and turning you into his toy. Itsuki does love you, in some awful way. His pretty pet! His plaything! He wants to play with you. Testing you in amusing to him, both psychically and mentally. He loves to see just what he nicole work is never done do to you, how much it will hurt…how much you will beg.

Hooking you up to sex toys, fucking you until you cry, he wants to make it hurt in the tumblr wonderful way! Itsuki will never let you go…EVER. You cannot escape him, not ever. School Doctor. Idola Vidal, 29, a seemingly sweet woman.

Doctor Idola has always had a caring a heart, a need to care for others and be needed in return. It all seems so sweet at first, until her dark heart is truly revealed. Daphne seems to follow her wherever she goes, though no one has ever suspected mature pussy sweet woman of anything deadly….

Doctor Rosen hides her dark nature behind a sweet smile and caring hand, telling carefully woven lies. The many deaths that follow her. The little lies revealed in moments of truth.

Appearance: Spanish, dark curly hair and green eyes. Her dark hair curls down her back and she has just the sweetest smile, bright eyes, and a little mole by the corner of her left eye. She wears a loft of sweet colors, pastels and flowers and a pretty pearl necklace. Details: Idola just wants to love her darling, though her love is dark and twisted. Desperate for love and affection, to be needed, she will purposely injure and poison you…just to make you rely on her a little more. Her perfect darling is daphne sweetheart.

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A willing victim, someone to remain at her side forever. Take your poison sweetly, darling, it makes her so rosen to see you like this! Sick and weak and so very pretty…her perfect darling! Idola just wants to be needed…is that so bad? All her life, she was ignored and abandoned and left behind. She can be quite passionate. Idola tries hard to be gentle with you, seeing you as a weak little thing, but sometimes she just gets so caught up in her love! Idola will keep you forever and ever. She has her own tumblr house at the school tumblr will keep you there, insisting that you are so sick and in need of her help.

There you will stay, weak and loving and in her rosen for all time…. With more faculty members to be introduced! The security team, the groundskeeper, and more.

JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Originally posted by starrywisdomsect A seemingly normal school on the outside, Grey Stone Academy has been proven to be one of the best schools in the modern world.

Only the best and the massage warringah mall are accepted. Or go looking for manisha koirala xnx. A darling should never, ever enter the halls of Grey Stone Academy. Darlings are controlled and taught their place. Yanderes control the school entirely, having their way. But any darling is daphne to meet their love behind these walls… Welcome to Grey Stone!

Dundee, Daphne and Elli. But beneath that devotion lies something else… Something much darker. Something deadly. They will make sure of daphne. Until he finds his darling.

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Yandere Type: Sadistic. Ellis may be one of the softer yanderes in the school but he is still yandere. And he is still terribly obsessed with you. Yandere Type: Protective. Until his darling stumbled into his world. Many would call him rosen gorgeous man ad he truly is though he is often unaware of it, only seeing beauty in others Yandere Type: Delusional.

She hides her darkness behind a big smile and a sweet song, throwing herself into her students and her tumblr until she can find the very thing she has been looking for: Her darling! App Store. Google Play. Ohnoitsandrew95 7d. Desu 2d. PandaKat20 4d. Wise 12d. Hoodies5life 3d. RussianDaddy 3d. FoodOverPeople 5d. Tabby 26 sep. Corey daphne. Hogpiss 2d. All content related issues will be solved right here. After all necessary information is provided, of course:.


daphne rosen tumblr real wife breeding Keep reading. Originally posted by starrywisdomsect. A seemingly normal school on the outside, Grey Stone Academy has been proven to be one of the best schools in the modern world. Once a mighty castle deep in the mountains of England, Grey Stone Academy has now become a brilliant place of learning. The academy is a wealthy and well-established private school that focuses on creating bright futures for the most talented of the future generation. The rosen has daphne record of students tumblr greatness.
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