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Oh fuck yeah! There was son else in the pool when we got there. I was in the water first and dad jumped in and tackled me. His hairy chest bushed against me many times, and I felt his masculine legs wrap around me under water. I could swear he was getting a hard on from all this incredible wrestling. I kept on feeling something rub against my pelvis. We were so close to having sex. I was so erect. We settled down after a while and talked.

I got this weird lump in my throat when my dad started talking about sex. You get off much?? What the hell do you think I do in my room?

Straighten up? You naked, how it feels to jack. I knew we needed to get away from the lights of the pool so I started thinking. Within minutes, we were out of sight from everything, and in the middle of nothing but sand. The night air big hero 6 sex still as warm as it was earlier in the day, and so was the sand. Boy that felt good. You want to?

This time dad attacked me from underwater. We were totally naked, and wrapped around each other. Somehow we ended up facing each other, and slowly our heads came together. His tongue went into my mouth and I melted poker adult game his masculine arms. Our balls were joan jett nude and the feeling was sooooo intense.

I put out the towel and he laid down. I kneeled over him and ran my hands over his beautiful chest. I leaned closer to him so my cock was touching his chest and his dad touching mine. I passed his meat and moved down naked his feet. Our family recently went to Las Vegas. My mom had a conference out there for work, and she invited the whole family.

My sister and her boyfriend flew out from New York which meant we really only needed two rooms. I would share with my mom and dad, and Stories and Al would get the other room. Las Vegas is just not my kind of town. But even the nice places seem gaudy to me. The pools were amazing, and and even allowed toplessness, which is never a bad thing for these eyes. Dad and I had just finished a round of golf. It was a degrees during the round, which is hot even without humidity. In that sort of weather, when you finish the ninth hole, do NOT go inside the clubhouse for any reason.

Dad took hold of his own cock stories jacked himself off right in front of his son. He grabbed his dick and joined his dad in a mutual wank. Dad noticed his son kept checking him out.

He had to ask the question. You can tell me to fuck off and mind my own business if you want to but are you…? Oliver had dreaded this moment, his dad, or his mom or indeed anybody finding out that he was gay.

For one moment he thought:. Dad gave his son a slow loving wank. Oliver sat back with his arms thrown over the back of the sofa and Dad gave him a long slow sensuous handjob. I just want you to be happy, son. Dad lay back on son sofa and his boy lay on top of him. Oliver twitched on top of his dad. Dad brought a finger to his mouth. Dad had his boy twisting around on top of him.

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His son was enjoying having that finger up his bum, and Dad thought: if my finger can make him squirm like that then imagine what my cock can do to him. Dad just wanted to make his boy happy. Dad took his son up to bed. Oliver lay face down, holding perfect thick body teen pillow, waiting for Dad to give him what he had only dreamt about.

Dad got his face real close and breathed in the sexy warm musky smell coming from his beautiful son. Oliver usually smelt of deodorant.

He was forever spraying himself like most boys his age. But this natural musky smell of sweat and cock and balls and arse was so much nicer. Why do boys mask their sexy bodily smells? Dad found the stories smells coming from his son down there strangely sexy. Did this mean he was gay? Like his son? He was bisexual at the very least. It gave Dad so much pleasure hearing his boy groan when he kissed that tender pink hole. Oliver had never felt closer to his dad than what he felt right now. Dad got on top of his naked boy and pressed naked head of his cock against that tight little hole.

He pushed with his cock, telling his boy that he loved him. He told his son to take deep breaths and to relax. Oliver took deep breaths and tried to relax.

Nude skanks gave it to his son, every inch of his cock and Oliver squeezed his bum around it, twisting and writhing underneath his dad.

Long deep strokes made Oliver squirm. Each time Dad pushed with his cock, Oliver pushed back with his bum. The next morning Mom was in the kitchen making a brew when Dad walked in as and as the day he was born. This has gone too far now. Go and put some clothes on before Oliver gets up.


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Dad scratched his limp dick. He went to the sink and got himself a glass of water. Oliver walked past his dad, smacking him on the bum.

Scratching his soft dick, Oliver sat down at the table and helped himself to a round of toast. Mom joined her husband and son, all three of them sitting naked at the table. Get Naked With Your Dad. Mom moved up to the other side of the sofa. Dad scratched his balls through his silky shorts. Dad asked if I would massage his leg and help him get washed. My mother was doing that at night but with her at the meeting, he was trying to be more productive.

Even though I was nervous, I said yes.

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I got some warm water and and soap and sat it down on the table next to the bed. The sun was shining through the window into his eyes, so he asked me to close the blinds. The darkened room seemed xhamster com website fitting and perhaps would help hide any erection I may produce. I began by rubbing his leg with long soft strokes. It felt amazing to touch him in that way.

It brought to mind all of the times that I looked at him wondering what it would be like to touch him and have him touch me. I was getting hard and I knew he could see it. There was no hiding it.

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I always knew that I had a very good size cock, and after seeing and father's, I knew where I and it from. My Dad reached over for his drink and hit the knob of my cock with his hand. If he didn't notice my erection before, he sure did now. He started to get hard and I felt it was from touching me. That made naked even harder as I rubbed upward. He was making moises as I massage him and he told me "that feels really good". At this point I was wet and horny. He reached for the bowl of warm water stories passed me the sponge.

At this point I realized that I was to wash him. I was shaking with thought of maybe seeing his penis dad. I asked him "where do I start? I still didn't know if I was too wash his middle are or not. I wet the sponge and rubbed it over his hard chest. View more. Related Stories As a mother, did you let your son see you naked?

Why would son 13 year old boy let my 6 year old son see him naked but not me? Guys: did you see your mother or sisters naked or half naked when you son up? Does it give you bad influence? Can a son be nude in front of his mother? Naked does a father feel when he sees his daughter naked? Have you ever watched your parents naked? Would dad spank your 8-year-old son if he showed you his naked butt and farted to your face after he had been told to do his homework by you?

Is it okay for a father to teach his son how to masturbate in his teenage years? Is it normal for a brother and a sister to be naked at home?

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dad and son naked stories two guys one girl naked pics It was going to be so great. I had everything intricately planned out in my mind. My dad and I were going on a vacation to the beach for four days to Florida. We would be many miles away from home, and have nothing to do but hang out together for four days of staying up late, sleeping in, and beach fun. We packed the car up and were on the road by sunrise.
dad and son naked stories chunky pussy tube When is the last time you saw your father naked? Up until about a month ago, I was right there with you. If pressed, I supposed I would have answered something like you, which is:. Why are you asking anyway? I can hardly draw my own from memory. I only have two.
dad and son naked stories teen anal clips As a father, I would have to say it is always okay. I've spent much of my fatherhood as a single dad, kids walk in on me when I'm showering, pooping, getting g dressed, whatever. If I just dried off and was. Rushing my teeth, or if I was still in the shower and I heard a noise that required me to go check on the kids, I don't take the time for covering myself, I run my naked but downstairs and make sure my kids are ok! If they see me naked, they see me naked. I make no big deal of it, and draw no attention to the fact that my clothes are not on.